Chen Qian
PhD 2019
Benjamin Weiss Award (Drexel College of Medicine)
Postdoctoral Scientist
Cedar Sinai Medical Center
Asurayya Worrede
PhD 2019
Graduate Trainee of the year awarded by Prostate Cancer Working Group at SKCCPost Doctoral fellow
Johns Hopkins University
Kristina ShahriariMD/PhD 2019
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein F30 Pre-Doctoral NIH Fellowship
  • AACR Women in Cancer Research Scholar Award
Surgery ResidentArrowhead Medical Center, California
Fei ShenPhD 2016
  • AACR Scholar in Training Award
  • Dean’s Travel Award (Drexel College of Medicine)
Senior ScientistJanssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Yun ZhangPhD 2013 Senior ScientistBeiGene, Beijing, China.
Cindy QingXin LiuPhD 2013 Graduate School Award (Drexel College of Medicine)Postdoctoral FellowMD Anderson Cancer Center
Julia (Fox) D’Ambrosio PhD 2010Scientific DirectorThe Lockwood Group
Whitney (Jamieson) Gladney PhD 2010
  • AACR Scholar in Training Award
  • Benjamin Weiss Endowed Scholarship (Drexel College of Medicine)
Director of Translational MedicineTmunity Therapeutics Incorporated
Mike Russell PhD 2010
  • Predoctoral Fellowship from Department of Defense – Prostate Cancer Research Program
  • Mary Shaw Travel Award (Drexel College of Medicine)
Principal ScientistJanssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Nathan Dolloff PhD 2007
  • Benjamin Weiss Endowed Scholarship(Drexel College of Medicine)
  • Bondi Fellowship (Drexel College of Medicine)
Associate Professor
Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Medical University of South Carolina
Swaksha Rachuri
Rotation Graduate Student 2019
John QuinlanGraduate Student 2018-2019
Mariam ArcherDDD Student 2018-2019
Christine TranGraduate Student 2015
Joe Ratteni
Graduate Student 2015
Sharnjeet Kaur
High School Volunteer
Michael AmatangeloRotation Graduate student 2006
Melissa CassellRotation Graduate student 2008
Hillevi EtsRotation Graduate student 2010
Sophia HinesHigh School student 2006-2007
Jada IngallsUndergraduate student, 2007
Sonali JalanRotation Graduate student 2008
Derek KendigRotation Graduate student 2007
Marina MatthewHigh School student 2006
Marissa MattoMMS Student 2018
Liudmila MazaleuskayaRotation Graduate student 2008
Amy McCulloughGraduate student 2004-2005
Monica MotwaniUndergraduate student 2007-2008
Autumn NelsonHigh school student 2001-2004
Rajendra Kumar PerniGraduate Student 2011-2012
Sripriya PrabhalaGraduate Student 2011-2012
Samae ScottGraduate Student 2010-2011
Victoria SharGraduate Student 2010-2011
Maneet SinghGraduate student 2006-2007
Jonathan Tringali Laboratory Manager 2016-2017
Danielle Jernigan
Laboratory Manager 2009-2016
Shannon Shulby
Research Assistant 2002-2004