Principal Investigator

Alessandro Fatatis, MD, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
College of Medicine
Drexel University
Co-Leader, Program in Prostate Cancer
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Thomas Jefferson University

Lab Members

<center>Darin Ipe</center>

Darin Ipe

Lab Manager
<center>Ramanpreet Kaur, PhD</center>

Ramanpreet Kaur, PhD

Post-Doctoral Researcher
<center>Melisa Diaz</center>

Melisa Diaz

PhD Candidate, 5th year
<center>Anthony DiNatale</center>

Anthony DiNatale

MD/PhD Student, 3rd year
<center>Neha Rana</center>

Neha Rana

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD), 2nd year

<center>Sofia Castelli</center>

Sofia Castelli

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD), 2nd year
<center>Michael Marchioli</center>

Michael Marchioli

B.S in Biological science. 3rd year.